30500 Books to 122 Schools

We are happy to announce that our 30 500 book handover to 122 schools on the 31st January 2014 was a complete success! Many school representatives braved the harsh Johannesburg rain to share this wonderful occasion with us. Executive Director, Jean Williams, spoke to the energized crowd and shared stories from some of the titles that were being donated to the 122 schools. The appreciation received from the schools was overwhelming and extremely humbling; it reinforced our love in what we do.

A very BIG Thank You to the City of Johannesburg Library Services as well as our staff at Biblionef SA who assisted in making this event the success that it was! Remember that this is only the beginning! Become part of our network of givers by donating R60 to purchase a book which will go towards the donation of books as part of our 1 Million Books Campaign. Give them books, open up their world!

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