When funding allows, we provide training to Foundation Phase teachers on implementing their donation of storybooks into their lesson plans while adhering to the CAPS Curriculum.

Because we cannot reach all Foundation Phase teachers, we worked with a literacy specialist to help us develop essential resources that provide teachers with an understanding of how to use storybooks to teach reading and writing for meaning.

Our resources offer live demonstrations and practical literacy activities for Foundation Phase teachers to use in their classrooms. Our resources are also CAPS compliant, allowing teachers to incorporate the various techniques into their lesson plans easily. Teachers will see how they can teach children to think critically and talk confidently about the stories read to them.

We are delighted to support schools to improve literacy levels and establish a reading culture amongst their learners. We believe these resources will offer teachers tools to nurture children’s enthusiasm for reading and writing.

We encourage teachers to share their children’s progress with us by sending us photographs or videos of their children’s work or tagging us on Facebook.