Supporting School Libraries

Biblionef aims to implement one big library project annually. To be a successful candidate for a new library, the school should have the following in place:

  • Reading activities should be taking place at the school: Principals and teachers should be working toward improving their learners’ literacy levels.
  • Available space to be set up as a library: This includes any suitable space, whether an empty classroom, old library space, or a container.
  • A library assistant or librarian: We have found that teacher-librarians cannot run a school library effectively because their schedule is already filled with teaching their learners. Having a designated person fill this role is crucial to the library’s success.
  • Funds to pay the library assistant or librarian a stipend: The Library Assistant/ Librarian must be acknowledged for the work that they are doing. With our donors and partners, we generally arrange to support the school for the first three years in this regard. The support is the following:
  1. Year 1: BSA (Biblionef South Africa)/Partners 70% of stipend and school 30%
  2. Year 2: BSA/ Partners 50% of stipend and school 50%
  3. Year 3: BSA/ Partners 30% of stipend and school 70%
  4. Year 4: BSA/ Partners 0% of stipend and school 100%

In this way, we create a sustainable way for the school to pay their Library Assistant/ Librarian’s stipend. This process also allows the school to take responsibility for their library.