Grade 1 Lessons with the story, Sam’s Smile

Below are a series of three videos demonstrating how shared reading and writing can be carried out in a Grade 1 classroom.

Click here to download lesson 1 (Download size: 388.3 mbs).

In this video, we will introduce the story, Sam’s Smile, to the class and select a theme from the story. The theme from the story is then linked to the children’s lives and their ideas by:

1. Asking the children to tell us what they know about the theme (The theme highlighted in this video is, “What makes you sad?”)

2. Writing their responses on a mind map

3. Letting the children read each point aloud

Click here to download lesson 1 (Download size: 755.6 mbs).

In this video, we unpack how Grade 1 teachers can further unpack the story of Sam’s Smile with their learners, while adhering to the CAPS Curriculum. Highlights from this video include:

1. We read the story aloud for the children to listen to and enjoy.

2. As we do this, we let the children look at and delight in the illustrations on each page.

3. When reading a story for the first and second time it’s a good idea not to stop often and engage in talk with the children. Too many stops break children’s concentration, making it harder for them to understand a story.

4. Instead, prediction questions from teachers are useful, e.g. I wonder what will happen next? or What do you think might happen next? Short comments, e.g. Mmm, his mother looks really worried help keep the focus on the story.

5. After reading or telling a story, while the story is still warm inside the children’s hearts and minds, we encourage them to think and talk about the story. e.g. children talk about something in the story they liked and something or someone in the story they did NOT like.

Click here to download lesson 1 (Download size: 863.2 mbs).

In this final lesson, together with the learners, we write something about what we have read in Sam’s Smile. This is the key lesson! Here the children tell their teacher what to write on the board and everyone reads their sentences. Each child is so proud when the class reads his or her idea. No method motivates children like this! Grade 1s learn to read & write!

Important highlights in the video:

1. Decide what the children can write about, e.g.

* What you know about Sam

* Let’s describe Sam

* Let’s write a list of the questions that you would like to ask Sam

* Let’s write a letter to Sam saying how happy you are that he has found his smile

* Write about any other ideas the Grade 1s or you have.

2. Then invite the children to work together and compose the text that you or they have chosen, say you will write their sentences on the chalkboard.

3. Write exactly what each child says. (Now the Grade 1s are doing Shared Writing)

4. When you finish writing each sentence, invite the class to read the sentence aloud with you. (Now they are doing Shared Reading)