Create your at-home library

Give them books, Open up their world! This is the motto our organisation was built on. 

We believe that all children should have access to storybooks that are beautifully illustrated and in a language they understand. 

For only R250 (excluding shipping), you can begin creating an at-home library for your child! 

How it works 

  1. You let us know how old your child is, their reading level, and what their home-language is. Should the books be in your child’s mother-tongue or would you like some English books as well? You decide and let us know!
  2. Our trained Project Manager will then hand-pick quality storybooks for your child. 
  3. 3 books will be selected and will cater to your child’s reading needs. 
  4. E-mail your orders to by the 15th of each month. Payments must be made by the 30th of each month, with proof of payment sent to We will ship your order on the first Monday of each month. 
  5. Shipping via Paxi (Pep to Pep) at an additional cost of R60 or R100, depending on the weight of the selected books.

In no time, your little one would have collected enough storybooks to create their very own at-home library! Every child deserves the chance to have access to beautiful storybooks and develop a love of reading, especially in their mother-tongue. Place your order today and make this a reality for your child. 

An example of the books you could receive