HIV/AIDS! How much do our children know? 

In 2005, Biblionef commissioned the publication and translation of a very special storybook titled; Brenda has a dragon in her blood”. This is the true story of Brenda, as retold by her foster mother. The book aims to encourage children to understand and talk about HIV/AIDS and to accept, without prejudice, children living with the virus.

Brenda has a dragon in her blood

‘Brenda has a dragon in her blood’ has been reprinted many times. It is in high demand in the medical and social work community as well amongst teachers. The book is used as an educational tool to encourage children to talk about HIV/AIDS, accept children who are infected without any prejudices and raise children’s awareness.

Increasing Impact Through Transparency, Accountability and Partnerships

This year’s theme for World Aids Day is “Increasing Impact Through Transparency, Accountability and Partnerships”. In keeping with this year’s theme, we will be donating this very special storybook to schools and children’s organisations throughout the country! Do the children at your school or organisation speak Tshivenda, Xitsonga, Setswana, Siswati or isiNdebeleThen be sure to contact our office for your chance to receive a donation of this very special book! This offer is valid on a first come, first served basis. Call us on 021 531 0447 or e-mail us at info@biblionefsa.org.za to get your copies. 

We encourage teachers and community workers to make use of this storybook when teaching their learners about HIV/AIDS. When used correctly, this storybook can increase children’s awareness around HIV/AIDS and heighten their sensitivity towards those living with the virus.