Grade 3 Lessons with the story, Ouma Ruby’s Secret

Below are a series of three videos demonstrating how shared reading and writing can be carried out in a Grade 3 classroom.

Click here to download lesson 1 (Download size: 298 mbs).

In this video, we will introduce the story, Ouma Ruby’s Secret, to the class and with the help of the children, will select a theme from the story. The theme from the story is then linked to the children’s lives and their ideas by:

  1. Asking the children to tell us what they know about the theme (The theme highlighted in this video is, “How do we travel?”)
  2. Writing their responses on a mind map
  3. Letting the children read each point aloud

Click here to download lesson 2 (Download size: 571 mbs).

In this video, children will talk and write about an illustration from the story, Ouma Ruby’s Secret. The Grade 3 lesson plan is similar to the Grade 2 lesson plan, but on the day she taught, the facilitator wanted to do something different. We think it is good to trust yourself when you teach. When we listen to children and adjust our plans, often these lessons are the most interesting – for both teachers and children.

Click here to download lesson 3 (Download size: 368 mbs).

In this video, we read a story aloud for children to listen to and enjoy. As we do this, we let the children look at and enjoy the illustrations on each page. After this, we encourage children to think and talk about the story. We also ask questions that will deepen their understanding of the story, e.g. Children talk about what parts of the story they like, what parts of the story they do not like and what surprised them. They also name all the characters and the setting of the story.  Asking these questions are important as they develop children’s high order thinking.