The donated books are in all eleven South African languages so that children can read for pleasure in their mother tongue. When donating books to its beneficiaries, each beneficiary is individually assessed and books are selected based on what their specific book needs are. Factors such as language and the reading level of the children determine which books the beneficiaries receive. Biblionef’s Book Donation Programme is funded both by its own sustainability efforts and also by funds raised from Donors.

We acquire our books by:

  • Purchasing titles from publishers and booksellers at a discounted price;
  • Receiving book donations from publishers, booksellers and individuals;
  • Commissioning the publishing of appropriate titles

Biblionef’s Achievements 1998 – 2020:

  • Donated 1 845 433 new storybooks
  • Benefited 11 691 children’s organizations
  • Reached 5 176 089 children
  • Assisted over 60 schools and communities with informal libraries, which included shelves, cupboards, and containers
  • Commissioned the translations and publication or reprints of 91 titles in one or more of South Africa’s eleven official languages