Mandela Day Campaign: Raising Funding for Lesizwe Primary Schools’ Library

This July and in celebration of Mandela Day 2023, help us raise R 50 000 to support Ikhwezi Lesizwe Primary School in Khayelitsha.

Since 2022, we have been working with Ms Mayeye, the principal of Ikhwezi Lesizwe Primary, to help her set up her school library. Literacy development is a top priority for the management team at the school, as they are working hard to ensure that the school has a fully equipped library for both their learners and staff.

We donated 228 isiXhosa and English storybooks to the school in support of their mission. We also referred Ms. Mayeye to Breadline Africa to assist with the necessary infrastructure. In May 2023, the school received its container library from Breadline Africa, along with shelving and additional funds to purchase books. Our staff is actively working with the school to:

  • Sort through the schools existing book stock to remove the books that are outdated/ inappropriate for learners and clean and fix the books that are appropriate.
  • Cover and catalogue all their existing books in plastic.
  • Set up the library so that it is functional for learners to use.
  • We are also raising additional funding to maintain the school’s current library assistant for at least one year.

We are slowly starting to see the school’s dream of having a library become a reality. But we need the backing of wonderful supporters like you to take this dream a step further. We are raising funding to the amount of R 50 000 to ensure that the library is fully equipped with all the resources needed to help it become functional and enjoyable for both learners and staff. We are raising funding to purchase the following:

  • Additional books in isiXhosa and English
  • The Libwin System
  • Bookends
  • A carpet
  • Chairs and tables

Support our campaign this month and help us to achieve Ms Mayeye’s dream of establishing a fully equipped library for her learners.