Just the Facts: Issue 4

And just like that, 2021 is nearing an end. On behalf of the Biblionef team, I would like to thank our donors and supporters for believing in our mission and helping us get through another challenging year. Our organisation cannot carry out its mission without you, and we are forever grateful.

I would also like to acknowledge the teachers of South Africa and the trying year they faced. We have heard the pleas from many teachers in rural areas about how difficult it has been navigating teaching during Covid-19. The transition into a digital space is one of the areas in particular that teachers from rural areas are battling with because of a lack of support and infrastructure. In these instances, we are happy that we could support teachers with our easy-to-use online videos and training booklet on how to incorporate storybooks into the CAPS Curriculum. We have received lovely feedback from teachers and literacy organisations who are making use of our resources.

Although this year has been challenging, some say it is Version 2.0 of 2020; we celebrate carrying out many noteworthy projects and continuing our mission of donating quality home language books to schools and children’s organisations throughout South Africa. Here’s to the year that was, and we look forward to 2022 – whatever it may bring!

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