The Forgotten Scientist: The Story of Saul Sithole

Commissioning the printing of The Forgotten Scientist: The Story of Saul Sithole

Unrecognized, ignored and forgotten.

The Forgotten Scientist: The Story of Saul Sithole is the untold story of a pioneering black scientist who made a phenomenal contribution to the fields of anthropology and ornithology in South Africa. Saul Sithole was so committed to his craft that even the weight of apartheid did not stop him from giving 62 years of his life to the scientific world of birds and fossils. Saul never received the official recognition he deserved – until now.

Written by Lerato Trok, this book validates his contribution, sharing his life’s work and laying out a story that will inspire future generations of scientists. 

We are thrilled to have commissioned the publication of this book with Jacana Media with funding from the National Heritage Council. There has not been enough research done on yesteryear’s black heroes, and we will lose these stories and do our history a disservice if we do not document those stories. African-American history and heroes are easily accessible, e.g. Jesse Owen, Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X and others, but we fail to write about our own stories and recognize our history and heroes. 

We are extremely proud to be part of this project and applaud Lerato Trok and Jacana Media for bringing the story of Saul Sithole to the forefront. Yesterday (26th November 2020), we received a total of 3 000 copies of The Forgotten Scientist from Jacana Media in isiXhosa, isiZulu, Sesotho, Sepedi, Afrikaans and English. We cannot wait to begin distributing this wonderful book to schools and children’s organisations across South Africa!

Are you interested in purchasing your own copy of the book? No problem! Send us an e-mail to place your order today.