We are extremely excited to share our new resources with teachers across the country. With funding provided by the SALI Trust, we have developed a booklet for teachers as well as produced six short films (10 to 15-minutes long).

About the Resources

These resources offer practical literacy activities for teachers to use in their classrooms when teaching their learners how to read and write for meaning. Caregivers can also make use of these resources when teaching their children to enjoy reading and writing. Teachers will see how they can teach children to think and talk about stories they read, as well as the stories read aloud to the class. We think the lovely examples of children’s drawing and writing will motivate and inspire teachers to encourage learners to express their creativity through writing and drawing.

The Booklet

The booklet contains practical activities that teachers can use in the classroom, to help develop children’s high order thinking. The activities can be tailored to fit any storybook. You are welcome to photocopy the booklet for easy distribution amongst teachers and learners.

The Short Films

The films contain live demonstrations of how our facilitator interacts with a Grade 2 and Grade 3 class and how she incorporates storybooks into the lesson plans. Our core focus is to demonstrate how teachers can develop children’s high order thinking through doing shared-reading and shared-writing. Children also engage with the facilitator when she asks questions about the characters in the story and asks questions that allow children to link the story with their lives, their ideas and their questions.

We believe that these resources will offer teachers tools for how they can nurture children’s enthusiasm for reading. We are delighted to be supporting schools in their endeavour to improve literacy levels and establish a reading culture amongst their learners. Our resources are CAPS compliant, which means that teachers can easily incorporate the various techniques into their lesson plans.

We encourage teachers and caregivers to share their children’s progress with us by sending us photographs or videos of their children’s work or by tagging us on Facebook.

To access the booklet, click here.

To access the Grade 2 videos, click here.

To access the Grade 3 videos, click here.

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